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Severe storms rip through Ontario, southern Quebec

Staff writers

July 24, 2012 — Severe weather fired up across Ontario and southern Quebec on Monday leaving thousands of customers without power.

Strong winds brought down trees in Ottawa
Strong winds brought down trees in Ottawa

Residents in Ontario were forced to sweat through another hot and sticky day on Monday.

The high heat and humidity combined with a passing cold front helped to trigger severe thunderstorms throughout the afternoon hours.

Heavy rain, large hail and frequent lightning were reported. Strong winds brought down trees and power lines in the Ottawa Valley area, leaving about 15,000 homes and businesses in the dark.

Another 50,000 customers in southern Quebec were still without power early Tuesday as well due to the storms that rolled through.

"There were several severe cells in northern and eastern Ontario, which prompted a number of tornado warnings throughout the day," says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Records in southern Ontario Monday
Records in southern Ontario Monday

On Tuesday, Environment Canada dispatched a damage survey team to assess the damage from some of the more notable storms.

The area with the most extensive damage was said to have been in and around the Calabogie Area (20 km south of Renfrew). The team of experts also noted hundreds of trees down, with many of them knocked down towards the southeast. 

Based on the eyewitness accounts and the look of the damage, officials have concluded that this event was rated as a microburst or and intense burst of damaging winds, with peak wind speeds of up to 110 km/h. 

Visit the Alerts section of the website to keep on top of watches and warnings across the country.

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