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Hot weather, fire risk in BC

Happy about Vancouver's forecast? Sunny days ahead
Happy about Vancouver's forecast? Sunny days ahead

Staff writers

July 31, 2012 — Temperatures are climbing in British Columbia this week, and so too could the fire risk. An evacuation alert is place for residents near Kelowna.

Airtanker drops retardant on Wilson's Landing fire near Kelowna
Airtanker drops retardant on Wilson's Landing fire near Kelowna

There's a week of sunshine and warm temperatures on tap for anyone living in southern British Columbia.

"Temperatures are sitting nicely in the low to upper twenties this week, both on the coast and in the southern Interior," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "It's also going to be humid later in the week." In fact, it could be feeling closer to 30 in Vancouver once you factor in that humidex.

As a result, people are expected to flock to beaches, waterfronts and shady parks to keep cool.

Still, hot and dry weather has a downside, too. Often, it can increase the forest fire risk.

An evacuation alert was issued for approximately 50 properties in the Wilson's Landing area of West Kelowna.

The fire was sparked by lightning on Friday and was said to be contained by Sunday afternoon. Strong winds helped to fan the flames however, and it jumped a fireguard late Sunday night.

The fire closed a section of Westside Road for much of the day on Monday. It was re-opened with one lane alternating traffic as fire crews continued to battle the blaze later in the day.

The homes affected by the alert are in Jenny Creek subdivision. Residents are reminded to be ready to leave at a moment's notice.

For a closer look at the risk of wildfires, check The Weather Network's Fire Danger Map. You can also find the weather forecast for your area by heading to our British Columbia Cities Index.

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