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Introducing Theme Weeks on The Weather Network

Theme Week will take viewers deeper into the stories that matter
Theme Week will take viewers deeper into the stories that matter

Staff writers

December 5, 2012 — In 2013, The Weather Network will introduce a series of 'theme weeks' to take the consumer deeper into stories that matter.

Theme weeks will provide regular events where seasonal and relevant content can be delivered to the consumer in an engaging and meaningful way across all of The Weather Network platforms. 

Beginning in March, the network will brand itself to fit the corresponding theme week and provide appointment viewing programs on-air. 

The website and mobile applications will carry complimentary content to meet the needs of the different audiences. 

Key advertising partners will have the opportunity to align their brand with a week of content that compliments their brand and engages with the consumer.

Currently scheduled theme weeks include: 

  • MARCH: Environment Week 
  • APRIL: Extreme Weather 
  • MAY: Storm Hunters 
  • JUNE: Lightning 
  • JULY: Weather Rescue 
  • AUGUST: The Weather Network Awards 
  • SEPTEMBER: Science Week 
  • OCTOBER: A Day in the Life 
  • NOVEMBER: Wild Winter Weather 

The supporting campaign will build audience anticipation for the week and include cross platform promotion on TV, Web & Apps.

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