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Israel Heatwave ... in the middle of Winter

March 9, 2010 — The calendar says 'March,' but it was looking and feeling like the middle of summer in Tel Aviv today.

While snowstorms continue to hammer some parts of Europe, Israelis were enjoying a different kind of weather today.

The temperature in Tel Aviv soared all the way 35 degrees today, and that had dozens of people flocking to the nearest beach to cool off.

It's not the first time this winter there's been a heatwave in Israel, but it certainly has people talking throughout the country.

'It's weird,' said Bshar Azai, who took a day off from university to sit by the water. 'We're in March and it's sunny and everyone is at the beach. Especially when all countries around the world, especially Europe, are dealing with snow and cold weather.'

Those who like the heat will love the forecast. This heatwave is set to continue in Israel right through the week.

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