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Venus, Mars and Saturn light up the sky

Andrew Yee, astronomer
May 13, 2012 — Skywatchers will get a chance to see three planets during the evening hours this month.

On June 5, Venus will cross in front of the disk of the Sun
On June 5, Venus will cross in front of the disk of the Sun

For the past few months, Jupiter appeared in the evening sky as a bright dot but this month, the planet is positioned closer to the sun and will not be visible from Earth.

Jupiter won't remain hidden for long -- it will return to view in June, where you'll be able to spot it low in the sky during the morning twilight.

Venus will be amazingly bright in the west after sunset during the month of May, but it will lose its elevation quickly. By the last days of the month the planet will be low in the northwest horizon.

On June 5, Venus will position itself in between the Earth and the Sun. This will make for a rare crossing in front of the disk of the Sun, known as the Venus transit.

At the same time Venus is visible, Mars and Saturn will be present in the south and southeastern sky. Both planets will be visible for most of the night and set in the early morning hours.

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