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Keeping kids active during rainy weather

Shelley Steeves, reporter
June 6, 2012 — Some kids go stir crazy when consistent rain keeps them inside.

Some kids can get depressed when the weather is gloomy
Some kids can get depressed when the weather is gloomy

It's been too cold and wet the last few weeks to play outside in the Maritimes -- and that's been a huge let down for kids.

"If it's just starting to rain and they've had the anticipation of going outside to play after being in a classroom all day it brings them down fast," says Lynda Case Carey of the Riverview Boys and Girls club.

She says that some kids actually get quite depressed when the weather is poor -- and she sees changes in their behaviour.

"Some children are, angry, I guess is a good word -- and there's tears, and there can be very short tempers," she says.

An indoor gym at Lynda's school allows the kids to run around and blow off some steam when the weather is gloomy.

Last summer was particularly bad.

Riverview Boys and Girls club had to cancel most of its summer outings due to rain -- but this year is looking brighter.

Warmer-than-normal temperatures are forecasted for the Maritimes this summer, and that could spill into southeastern New Brunswick.

Rainfall amounts are expected to be average, too.

"I am really hoping the weather prediction is going to be accurate and the kids are going to spend more time outdoors," Lynda says -- and the kids would certainly agree with her.

Visit the 2012 Summer Outlook to find out what the months ahead could be like across the country.

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