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Knitting sky patterns

Cheryl Santa Maria, Staff writer
March 10, 2012 — Conceptual crafter is using knitted garments to document sky patterns.

The Sky Scarf doubles as a diary of weather conditions
The Sky Scarf doubles as a diary of weather conditions

From big, fluffy clouds to thunderous storms, Lea Redmond has captured it all - and woven it into a scarf.

Back in June, Redmond devised a conceptual knitting project that encourages people to participate in activities that will influence the look of a finished garment.

The concept is simple. Every day, participants knit a stripe in a scarf in a colour that matches the sky at that given time.

When complete, knitters will have a 5-foot long "Sky Scarf" that doubles as a diary of local weather conditions.

"I started the project because I'm a knitter," Redmond says, "and stripes are such a common pattern in our world. But so many of the stripes on garments are kind of arbitrary ... so I set out to design a pattern that documented something."

A sky scarf from the UK
A sky scarf from the UK

Over 1,000 knitters from more than 20 countries have signed up to participate in the project and they're posting their progress in a Conceptual Knitters Pool on Flickr.

Redmond says it's been fun to see how different crafters are interpreting the idea.

"One knitter is knitting clear beads into her scarf to represent rain drops and another person is adding a rainbow stripe on the days when there is a rainbow in the sky," she says - noting that the project has made her more aware of local weather patterns.

"The project has ... reminded me how often I forget to look up and appreciate the sky," she says.

"It's been a fun practice to see if I can look up and notice [it] every day."

To learn more about the Sky Scarf - and download the pattern - visit Leaf Cutter Designs.

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