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Flood threat eases in most B.C. regions

The Canadian Press

June 29, 2012 — Flood threat eases in most B.C. regions but lower Fraser River still a concern.

Many residents were allowed to return to their homes Wednesday
Many residents were allowed to return to their homes Wednesday

British Columbia's flooding ordeal seems to be easing and most evacuees in the Interior have been able to return home.

But evacuation orders are still in place for around 66 residents in the Two Mile subdivision of the community of Sicamous.

And although less than 150 people province-wide are under an evacuation order, more than 2,000 are still on evacuation alert.

The Weather Network's Farah Dhalla was in B.C. this week, and she reports some residents say this is the worst flooding they've experienced since 1972.

At the height of the flooding, residents worked feverishly to lay down sandbags to guard against rising flood waters, but flash flooding still resulted in road washouts and flood damage to Sicamous' Two Mile subdivision.

Dhalla says the two subdivisions of Sicamous that were flooded at the height of the ordeal only represented a part of the community, which benefits from tourism to the region. She said some local business owners are hoping that once the flooding situation is completely over, visitors will return to the area.

Sandbags in Grindrod, BC
Sandbags in Grindrod, BC

Heavy rain over the past two weeks, coupled with a higher than normal snow pack, was to blame for the worst of the flooding in the interior.

Luckily, the B.C. River Forecast Centre reported Friday that almost all major rivers in the interior should see an improvement in flood conditions over the weekend.

Almost all flood warnings, except for Shuswap Lake, have been downgraded to either flood watches or high streamflow advisories.

The centre says there are still concerns about rising river levels on the lower Fraser River. 

Officials are warning residents and visitors to be mindful of water levels this Canada Day.

With files from the Canadian Press.

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