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Sizzling heat in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

The heat makes this sunset sizzle
The heat makes this sunset sizzle

Jill Colton, staff writer

August 22, 2010 — The heat and humidity had Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents baking in the sun over the weekend, but temperatures are set to dip early this week.

Even squirrels need to keep cool in the heat
Even squirrels need to keep cool in the heat

It definitely felt like summer across parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan over the past couple of days.

On Saturday and Sunday, the two provinces were dealing with sizzling temperatures and wicked humidity. The air was so muggy in Manitoba that Environment Canada issued a humidex advisory for much of the southern portion of the province, including Winnipeg and Dauphin. Temperatures were expected to climb past the 30°C mark, and Brandon was expected to feel closer to 41 on Sunday afternoon with the added humidity.

What's causing all the hazy air?

“Strong southerly flow is bringing the warm temperatures up from south of the border,” says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist with The Weather Network. With these kinds of conditions, it's important to limit your time outdoors and keep hydrated.

Humidex values across Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Humidex values across Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan was also feeling the blazing temperatures. On Saturday, Coronach was the hot spot across the country with a feverous temperature of 36.3°C. The story was much the same on Sunday as another blast of heat was on the way. The mercury was set to soar into the high 20's, but places like Regina were forecast to feel closer to 38.

Enjoy the heat while you can, because there's a risk of widespread thundershowers rumbling across western Canada now, and both Saskatchewan and Manitoba are in the risk range. Additionally, the same cold front is going to curb the Saskatchewan heat. Temperatures are likely to drop into the high teens for Monday, so you might need your sweater. Manitoba will see the degree dip on Tuesday.

For more details on what you can expect in Manitoba and Saskatchewan this week, click our Canadian Cities Index. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV, where your local forecast comes up every ten minutes on the tens.

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