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Man saves roofer struck by lightning

October 16, 2012 — A construction worker in Texas is struck by lightning, and apparently dies. Then his supervisor stepped in. Tiffany Craig has the story.

Lightning strikes recorded
Lightning strikes recorded

It's back to work at the Primrose School of Barker Cypress after a roofer nearly died on the job.

"It was pretty terrifying." 

From our exclusive Weather Bug, you can see the strikes 10 miles all around. The pink ones are cloud to cloud but the yellow ones hit the ground.

"The lightning came probably within seven or eight minutes after I got here." 

Ed Gamble was supervising the job and started getting nervous as 20 men worked to get it done.

"I had just stepped out of my truck and was talking to them about getting down off the roof, finishing up and getting down, and the lightning just hit immediately." 

A 19-year old roofer named Christian Barrera was struck and his father, also on the job, carried christian's lifeless body over his shoulder.

A young roofer nearly died after being struck by lightning
A young roofer nearly died after being struck by lightning

"His heart was not beating and he was not breathing." 

That's when some old army CPR training kicked in and ed saved Christian.

"It was scary hoping that I did everything right to bring him back to life." 

Ed did it right. He got a call of gratitude from Christian's dad.

"He said that the boy was dead for a few minutes, and his dad thanked me for saving his son. I just wanted to help him, that's all." 

So even though he won't be back at this job site, Christian is expected to recover. At last check, Barrera was in a critical condition at the hospital.

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