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A frosty night in Nova Scotia

May 18, 2010 — After record breaking temperatures in the Maritimes today, some places could see frost overnight.

There wasn't much to complain about in the Maritimes today. In terms of weather that is. It was a fair day overall and some places even managed to break records.

Halifax in particular hit over 23 degrees this afternoon. The previous record set on this day was back in 1999, when the city hit 22.8 degrees. While Haligonians have been enjoying the heat, other parts of the province are bracing for a chilly night.

Frost warnings have been issued for Sydney Metro and Cape Breton County. And it's no wonder, all the ingredients are there. Clear skies and light winds, combined with near zero ground temperatures will give patchy frost to these areas overnight.

So that means if you've already got a head start on your garden, you may need to cover your plants. According to Alex Henderson from the Royal Botanical Gardens, frost can affect plants in a number of ways.

“Typically what you'll see frost damage-wise is browning of the leaves, it kind of spoils the esthetic appearance of the plant and in the worst case scenario the frost can get in the soil and it can actually kill the roots.” Several places have already seen warm temperatures this spring, but Henderson says that shouldn't make you over confident when it comes to the garden.

“Always use May 2-4 as your side of caution and plant after that, especially with annuals and seasonal plants,” explains Henderson.

And that weekend is only a few days away. You can find out what the Victoria Day long weekend will bring your way.

And you can tune into The Weather Network on TV for the latest details on the weather in your area. Your National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of each hour.

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