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Messy system moves into Alberta

Staff writers

May 5, 2012 — Rain, snow and steady winds are moving through southern Alberta.

Snowfall through Saturday
Snowfall through Saturday

A messy low pressure system that moved into Alberta Saturday brought a little bit of everything to southern portions of the province. 

"A strong low bringing tornadic activity in the United States, retrograded back into Alberta," said Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "As the moisture got trapped by the Rocky's, cooler air filtered down to the surface and rain changed to snow."

The system moved out of the province by Saturday evening, leaving between 2-3 cm of snow in Calgary. Areas west of the city got a bit of a heavier hit, with 5 cm of snowfall recorded in Springbank. 

The low brought cooler air further north of the Province. "Airdrie  received 10-20 cm in a 10 hour time span." said Dillon. 

Blowing snow and reduced visibility was a concerning factor with this system earlier in the day. They have now been reduced to a sustained 40 km/h from the previous 60 km/h that pushed through in the morning. By Monday morning, Dillon reassures that most of the snow should be completely melted, with typical road conditions in the area. 

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