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Meteor lights night sky over eastern United States

Staff writers
March 23, 2013 — It wasn't as big or destructive as the meteorite that landed in Russia, but many onlookers along the east coast of the United States were left in awe at a meteor that passed by on Friday.

A bright light that passed in the night sky over parts of the U.S. east coast most likely was a "single meteor event", according to NASA. 

Reports of the meteor flew in from as far south as Florida, all the way north to New England. 

While a relatively small event, the meteor received a lot of attention through Twitter with many trying to compare it to the meteorite that hit Chelyabinsk, Russia last month.

In Russia, people reported a boom before glass across the city shattered, leaving 1,000 people injured. 

The piece of space rock over the U.S. appeared brighter than a full moon in the night sky. 

No debris has been recovered. 

A meteor is a piece of space debris that burns up in the Earth's atmosphere while a meteorite is debris that hits the Earth's surface. 

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