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Mild in southern Ontario, but not for long

Staff writers
January 30, 2013 — Residents in southern Ontario woke up to spring-like temperatures on Wednesday. How long will this warm spell last?

Wednesday's rainfall forecast
Wednesday's rainfall forecast

A series of low pressure systems have brought a messy mix of unsettled weather to much of Ontario this week.

"We have this large trough in the United States that's been spinning off these little surface lows and those are full of moisture," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "So they've been bringing us anything from rain to snow to thunderstorms and freezing rain." 

Parts of northern and eastern Ontario will continue to see the risk of freezing rain and snow on Wednesday, while heavy rain and mild air invades much of the south.

Places like Toronto set a new daily record high before 7 am Wednesday, with more records expected to fall throughout the day. 

"Though everyone welcomes the warm temperatures, the issue with temperatures being this warm and all the rainfall, is that it will lead to flooding," warns Vettese.

Officials warn that rivers and streams are running fast and high

Residents are urged to avoid any bodies of water that are covered by melting snow. 

"All rivers should be considered dangerous," says the Toronto and Region Conservation authority. 

Homeowners are also urged to take preventative action to avoid any flood damage to their homes.

Enjoy the spring like conditions while you can. It's back to winter on Thursday
Enjoy the spring like conditions while you can. It's back to winter on Thursday

This same system is set to bring heavy snow to northern parts of the province.

Southern Ontario will see flurries will move into the region along with steadily increasing winds throughout the day Wednesday.

By Wednesday evening, sustained winds could reach between 30 and 50 km/h with higher gusts.

"The front will come through Wednesday nights and winds will increase and continue strong through the majority of the day Thursday, with sustained winds of 40 to 60 km/h and gusts of 65 to 80 km/h," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

"In the Niagara and Sandbanks regions winds could could reach 100 km/h."

How long will the mild weather last? 

"Many of you may be gaining a false sense of security with all this warm air that's across southern Ontario," says Vettese. "But what you need to know is that on Thursday we're back to winter." 

Vettese adds that once the system pushes out, cold air will filter back into the region.

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