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More snow squalls challenge Ontario drivers

Snow squalls could reduce visibility significantly
Snow squalls could reduce visibility significantly

Staff writers

February 4, 2013 — Monday could be another challenging commute for some drivers in southern Ontario. More snow squalls develop off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Snowfall forecast
Snowfall forecast

Ontario's Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring on Saturday, even as parts of southern Ontario battled intense snow squalls.

Now, more snow squalls which developed early Monday, are leaving some residents questioning the furry friend's forecast. 

"Snow squall warnings were issued early Monday morning for areas around Lake Huron and Georgian Bay," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "That means visibility will be reduced in bands of heavy snow." 

The snow squalls will likely affect the commute for areas in the northern York and Durham regions and in parts of cottage country as well. As a result, motorists are urged to adjust their driving habits accordingly and avoid unnecessary travel as conditions deteriorate. 

Localized snowfall amounts of up to 15 cm are likely in the hardest hit areas through Tuesday. 

According to Environment Canada, the snow squalls are expected to weaken as the winds ease throughout the day. 

It was just last Friday when snow squalls resulted in a 30 car pile-up near Woodstock. At the time of the crash, a thick band of snow was reported in the region, reducing visibility and creating dangerous conditions.

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