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Mosquitoes in the Maritimes

Shelley Steeves, reporter
June 11, 2012 — After a few weeks of overcast and dreary wet weather in the Maritimes, warm temperatures have arrived. That's great news, but what does the weather mean for the bugs?

Mosquitoes thrive near standing water
Mosquitoes thrive near standing water

As excited as we are about a break of warm weather in the Maritimes, we know that sometimes with the good ... comes the bad.

We caught up with Louis LaPierre from the Great Moncton Pest Control Commission for a short Q&A about mosquitoes, the weather and the Maritimes.

TWN: Is there a big glut of mosquitoes coming our way and if so, why?

LL: Well, we are at the prime time for the breeding of mosquitoes for most species in the area, with lots of rain over the last two weeks [and] lots of nice warm weather coming along. They love it -- it's their time.

TWN: It doesn't seem as though the bugs have been too bad this year - yet. Is that because we experienced cooler temperatures mixed with a lack of rain?

LL: We didn't have a lot of snow this winter and mosquitoes love snow. We did have a lot of larva out in the marsh back in May but we did a good job of controlling it. Now the marsh is greening up and it's becoming much harder to get at the larvae. We can only hope that the sun will be around for a long time to dry up the water.

TWN: There are a lot of people who have standing water around their property. What do you suggest they do to help control mosquitoes?

LL: I would suggest you get them cleaned up as soon as possible because mosquitoes can hatch very quickly. Do a little tour around the yard and empty cans and tires. Get rid of standing pools of water where mosquitoes like to breed. Later this week we could see a huge infestation and you may want to get that screened-in porch ready!

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