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Much-needed rain soaks Prince Edward Island

Heavy rain soaked PEI Thursday
Heavy rain soaked PEI Thursday

Staff writers

August 17, 2012 — PEI got more rain in 24 hours this week than all of July. Now, that low pressure system is drenching Newfoundland.

It's been a dry summer in the Maritimes
It's been a dry summer in the Maritimes

After a weeks of relatively dry weather, people in Prince Edward Island got the drenching they'd been waiting for on Thursday. 

40 mm of rain fell in Charlottetown, making it the largest one-day rainfall for the city this year. 

"To put that even more into perspective," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, "that one-day rainfall was more precipitation than Charlottetown got the entire month of July." 

It's been a tough summer for farmers right across the Maritimes. The combination of heat and lack of rain is what's causing everything from potatoes to grain crops to struggle. 

Farmer's are hoping the moisture from Thursday's downpour will soak into their fields. 

Rainfall forecast
Rainfall forecast

Now, that low pressure system is affecting Newfoundland. 

"We're expecting about 25 mm of rain in St. John's through Sunday morning, and up to 35 mm for Trepassey," says Dillon. 

The next round of wet weather for the Maritimes is expected Monday. For a closer look at the forecast, check our Canadian Cities Index

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