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Flooding possible in New Brunswick this week

March 30, 2010 — Flood officials in New Brunswick are keeping a close eye on the sky and the St. John river this week.

River Watch 2010 has issued ice jam and localized flooding advisories along New Brunswick's St. John River.

Water levels are on the rise, and the weather conditions are not helping matters. A combination of mild temperatures, melting snow and heavy rain is creating extra runoff, and causing the break-up and movement of existing ice covers. The result could be ice jams and flooding.

'We're seeing rapid melting of snow and ice, thanks to the rain and recent mild temperatures,' says Weather Network meteorologist Greg Stephens. 'All those factors generally contribute to spring flooding.'

And there's not much relief in the forecast, either. More rain is expected right through the long weekend.

Anyone living along the St. John River is being advised to be extra vigilant. They're being told to know the risks, make a plan and prepare an emergency kit.

Still, the St. John River isn't the only one that has people on alert. Parts of the U.S. Northeast could be in for some dangerous flooding today. As much as 180mm of rain is expected to fall in some places, thanks to a major storm charging up the eastern seaboard. Flood warnings and advisories have been issued from Maine to the Carolinas.

Here at home, flood officials are also keeping a close eye on the Red River in Manitoba. There was some concern when an ice jam led to some flooding in Petersfield, north of Winnipeg, but the ice quickly cleared and water levels receded. So far, a dry, warm spring has lead to a better-than-expected year for flooding in the province.

For the latest updates on the flood risk in New Brunswick, and for all the latest updates on the weather conditions, make sure you tune into The Weather Network on TV. Our newscast comes up at :12 and :42 minutes past each hour, while the National Forecast can been seen at the top and bottom of every hour.

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