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Winter Storms Damage Heritage Sites in St. John's

May 8, 2010 — Residents near St. John's Newfoundland are struggling to repair heritage properties after fierce winter storms.

Happy tourists from all over the world frequent the historic village known as the Battery -- but the mood is sombre now that cherished building sites have been damaged by fierce winter storms.

Nearby Quidi Vidi also suffered the same fate, as the picturesque village was swept by gale force winds and high waves in February. Old fishing wharfs were wiped out and wooden sheds were pummelled by the giant storm surge.

Jack Wells Twine Store was among the buildings damaged when the store's lumber supports were taken out by the strong waves.

Now, friends and neighbours are collecting donations online to help rebuild the historic property that was constructed 55 years ago.

At issue is what approved reconstruction will cost as city officials try to preserve heritage while ensuring safety.

Due to the high volume of tourism to the area, Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said that, 'We'll do whatever we can to ensure that the history and the heritage of the Battery and Quidi Vidi and other parts of the city are respected and continued.'

The sad reality is that residents may have little choice but to tear down reminders of the fishery that has raised families for over 500 years.

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