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Crews monitor fire in Halifax County

Crews battle forest fires in the Maritimes
Crews battle forest fires in the Maritimes

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

June 17, 2010 — Firefighters are keeping an eye out for flare ups after a forest fire in Nova Scotia temporarily forced evacuations earlier this week.

West Porters Lake, NS
West Porters Lake, NS

The Department of Natural Resources and Halifax regional fire crews spent Wednesday mopping up a small forest fire in West Porters Lake, Nova Scotia.

The fire has been brought under control and structures are no longer threatened, but several Natural Resources firefighters were still working in the area and helicopters were on standby. They say gusty winds and mild temperatures could cause the flames to flare up again, and they want to make sure any burning embers are completely out.

The fire first began burning out of control just before 3:30p.m. on Tuesday. It took crews nearly three hours to stabilize the flames in the small community east of Halifax. No one was hurt, but people in 18 homes were asked to leave the area as a precaution. They have since returned home.

Nova Scotia's fire risk is high to extreme
Nova Scotia's fire risk is high to extreme

On Wednesday, the fire index was high to extreme over most on mainland Nova Scotia. A ban on open-air burning remains in place for all parts of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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