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Nadine: one of the longest-living tropical cyclones ever?

Satellite image of Nadine on September 30 (NASA)
Satellite image of Nadine on September 30 (NASA)

Staff writers

October 1, 2012 — With a life span now entering 20+ days, Nadine is the storm that just won't go away. Could it set a record?

Longest-living cyclones to date
Longest-living cyclones to date

Nadine is a storm that has had some forecasters scratching their heads. 

The system was born, declared to be over, came back from the dead and keeps sticking around. Now, it is officially one of the longest-living tropical cyclones on record. 

"Nadine could easily make the top-five list for longest-living systems in the Atlantic basin," says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

The Atlantic's longest-lasting cyclone ever is known as "Storm 3." It formed in 1899 and hung on for 28 days. 

While Nadine is not expected to challenge that record, the storm is forecast to retain tropical cyclone strength for another three to four days. If it does, Nadine will likely crack a spot in the Top 5 longest-lived cyclones.

Current systems in the tropics
Current systems in the tropics

Nadine has had an interesting life. Forecasters issued the first advisory for the storm on the morning of Tuesday, September
11. Three days later, on Friday, September 14, the storm became the eighth hurricane of the Atlantic season. Exactly one week later, on Friday, September 21, forecasters at the NHC declared that Tropical Storm Nadine was no more. 

Forecasters kept an eye on the remnants of Nadine, however, and it was declared to be a tropical storm again on Sunday, September 23.
On September 28, it was again declared a hurricane, but was downgraded yet again to a tropical storm on Monday, October 1.

Other storms with long lives include Ginger in 1971, Inga in 1969, and Kyle in 2002.

For updates on Nadine, be sure to visit The Weather Network's Tropical Storm Centre

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