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Keeping Canadians safe

Staff writers
February 13, 2012 — Pelmorex Media, parent company of The Weather Network, announces an exciting new initiative that will help streamline the dissemination of public safety information.

The NAAD system will provide the public with immediate information about hazardous conditions
The NAAD system will provide the public with immediate information about hazardous conditions

On Monday morning, Environment Minister Peter Kent and Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews met with Pierre Morrissette, Chairman and CEO of The Weather Network's parent company, Pelmorex Media, to launch the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) system. 
"This system will essentially tie our respective government agencies into participating radio and TV broadcasters - as well as cable and satellite operators - so that the public can be warned immediately about hazards such as tornadoes, [train] derailments, industrial fires as well as chemical spills, water contamination or missing children," Minister Toews told a group at the Pelmorex headquarters. "This is the beauty of the system [and] the centrepiece of what will be a truly national public alerting system." 
"Canadians will have a chance to see this system in action, first-hand, over the next few months," Minister Kent said. "Ten provinces and one territory have signed an agreement with Pelmorex to participate and use the system to issue alerts that are available to broadcasters and distributors, such as cable companies."
The Weather Network is happy to be a part of this initiative. 
"What it [provides] for Canadians is a capability to warn them ... quickly [about] the threats of imminent danger of life and property," said Mr. Morrissette.
Visit our information page to learn more about the NAAD system.

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