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Powerful blizzard wallops Newfoundland

Staff writers
March 7, 2012 — Heavy snow and strong winds hammered parts of Newfoundland early Wednesday.

Peak winds Wednesday morning
Peak winds Wednesday morning

The storm moved into the region late Tuesday with the heaviest snow falling through the overnight hours.

"By 6 am, local time, over 20 cm of snow had already piled up in St. John's," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

That forced the closure of all schools in the metropolitan St. John's area early Wednesday morning. Local businesses and government offices were shut down as well.

Public transit in the area was also discontinued due to dangerous whiteout conditions.

"Strong winds have accompanied this storm and some places have seen gusts over 100 km/h," says Vettese. "That combined with the heavy snowfall is enough to cause little to no visibility on roads and highways."

Heavy snow piles up in St. John's
Heavy snow piles up in St. John's

The poor conditions affected air travel at St. John's International Airport as well. Those with travel plans are urged to call ahead to check the status of their flight.

The good news is, the worst of the storm is over.

"An additional few centimetres of snow is likely, but the storm will gradually weaken throughout the day," says Vettese.

For the latest weather watches and warnings for Newfoundland, be sure to visit the Alerts section of the website.

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