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Vicious floods sweep Oklahoma City

Aeral view of flooding in Oklahoma City
Aeral view of flooding in Oklahoma City

Jill Colton, staff writer

June 14, 2010 — Battering thunderstorms flood Oklahoma City, resulting in neighbourhood evacuations and rescues.

Driving in heavy flooding
Driving in heavy flooding

Some residents believe it's the worst flooding the city has seen in over 25 years.

Emergency crews are racing around Oklahoma City after pounding rain ravaged the area, resulting in flash flooding on Monday. So far, the fire department has rescued close to 30 people, and evacuations are under way in some neighbourhoods.

Nearly 25 cm pounded northern parts of the city Monday morning -- and now people are dealing with dangerous flash flooding and scattered power outages. Flood watches were extended during the early morning hours.

And there's another round of torrential thunderstorms in the forecast. Newer storms are said to be aiming south and east of the most waterlogged areas.

Rescue crews in life raft
Rescue crews in life raft

The power company said that they were dealing with about 4,000 outages.

Portions of major highways were also soaked with rain pools. The flooding is so forceful, cars are being pulled underwater. Dive teams had to navigate the raging currents to rescue one car's occupants by boat.

Others were caught on video clinging to tree branches, so not to get scooped up by the raging waters.

The National Weather Service has begun issuing flood warnings for neighbouring states in the breadbasket region. Most of Nebraska and southeastern Kansas are also under advisories.

With files from CNN.

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