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Rain cools southern Ontario off

Thunderstorms spark lightning throughout southern Ontario
Thunderstorms spark lightning throughout southern Ontario

Jill Colton, staff writer

August 20, 2010 — Thunderstorms fired up across the region on Thursday, producing a cold front. The result on Friday is cooler temperatures and little to no humidity.

Ominous clouds rolled up all over southern Ontario on Thursday
Ominous clouds rolled up all over southern Ontario on Thursday

Parts of southern Ontario were pounded with thunderstorms on Thursday. The cold front helped spark the storms, which resulted in heavy downpours, gusty winds and even some hail to areas like Newmarket. In Collingwood, ominous clouds blanketed the community, turning the skies black and giving way to sheets of rain for a short period of time.

Callers to our Storm Line reported active weather across Ontario, including Midland, Aurora and Nepean. One caller from Stouffville said the wind was so strong that it toppled patio furniture. A severe cell hit Pickering very hard, and viewer video showcased downpours in Ottawa, Barrie, Gatineau and southern Quebec. Toronto saw minimal rain with accumulations reaching 3 mm. Although the rain was severe in many areas, it didn't produce the damage that Sunday's storms in Chesley, Ontario did.

The wet conditions did little to hamper the Buffalo Bills exhibition game against the indianapolis Colts. Nearly 39,000 fans came out to watch the preseason game. The Bills won 34-21.

Besides the rain, the conditions were heating up in some places on Thursday. Windsor was the hot spot in Ontario, when the thermometer hit 31.1°C.

Thunderstorm risk for Saturday
Thunderstorm risk for Saturday

For today, the rain has washed away, and it's helped drop the temperature, “Now we're in a cold air mass, but we're transitioning into a warm air mass come Saturday. The result will be warmer temperatures and humidity, “ explains The Weather Network's meteorologist Christina Huang. Perfect conditions to take in the first day at the Canadian National Exhibition.

So, enjoy the break, because the humidity is creeping back over the weekend. Come Saturday, Toronto could be feeling closer to 35. If you're in cottage country or the Nickle Belt, rain is expected to fall Saturday morning, for Toronto it's expected to pour in the evening. The wet conditions are in the forecast for Sunday as well.

With files from Lisa Varano

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