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Sunny But Cool in Southern Ontario

May 10, 2010 — Temperatures rise to the low teens in southern Ontario under sunny skies this afternoon. But the frost returns overnight.

People across most of southern Ontario woke up to frost on the ground Monday morning. And the frost will be back early Tuesday.

But first, the region is in for a sunny, though still chilly, afternoon. 'Make sure you have sunscreen on, along with the jacket,' says Weather Network presenter Kim MacDonald.

Temperatures will be in the low teens today before dipping back down to near freezing overnight.

That will bring frost to most of southern Ontario, except some southwestern sections.

Don't forget to cover up your plants with newspapers or sheets.

Many eager gardeners started the springtime planting early this year because April was so mild.

After the next morning frost, Toronto could see some sprinkles on Tuesday, but the heavier rain should stay to the south, affecting London and Windsor.

Temperatures will stay below the seasonal average of 18 degrees until Friday, when it warms up to the normal temperature for this time of year.

'It's going to be a coffee week but an iced cap weekend,' says MacDonald.

If you spot frost on your lawn or garden, we'd love to see a snapshot. Upload your weather photos and they could be posted on our website or shown on TV.

And if you have a green thumb, don't forget to watch our lawn and garden tips.

For the latest on the chilly start to the week in southern Ontario, tune into the Weather Network on TV. Your local forecast comes up every ten minutes on the tens.

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