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Scorching heat in southern Ontario

Hot and hazy skyline in Toronto, ON
Hot and hazy skyline in Toronto, ON

Rayna Taylor, staff writer

August 4, 2010 — Southern Ontario is in for a scorcher again today. The humidity is expected to skyrocket into the mid 40's in some places.

A thick haze settling on the rooftops in Vaughan, ON
A thick haze settling on the rooftops in Vaughan, ON

Another round of hot, sticky weather is in store for southern Ontario today. Before the sun came up, temperatures were already feeling like the low 30's for most areas.

That warm, humid air mass that the region has been sitting in these past few days, is hanging around for a few more.

Temperatures will soar into the low 30's, but the humidity is the big story. Places including London and Hamilton could feel more like the low 40's, but in Windsor, the humidex will be registering close to the mid 40's and an advisory will likely be in place.

The surge in heat and humidity isn't the only thing people have to contend with. All of the ingredients are there to spawn thunderstorms today. There's a severe risk for the Windsor area, with the major threat of these cells being heavy downpours, hail and gusty winds.

Sudden stormy winds kicking up the surf in Sarnia, ON
Sudden stormy winds kicking up the surf in Sarnia, ON

“A persistent southwesterly flow will move through, mixed with some weak upper level disturbances,” explains Brian Owsiak, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “We'll also see some cooler breezes off Lake Ontario and Lake Erie that will help to set up thunderstorms today. ”

There's a slight risk of thunder showers for the Greater Toronto Area, with stormy weather potentially firing up later in the evening.

Health officials say when the heat and humidity soar, it's a good idea to drink plenty of water and stay inside with the air conditioning on full speed. Air quality could be an issue, so it's important to keep an eye on seniors with health conditions.

For the latest watches and warnings in your area, click our Alerts page. You can also find out more about the risk of thunderstorms in Ontario by tuning into The Weather Network on TV.

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