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Ontario's 8th tornado of 2012 confirmed

Damaging winds snapped trees east of Napanee
Damaging winds snapped trees east of Napanee

Staff writers

September 10, 2012 — A tornado touched down east of Napanee, Ontario Saturday. It was the province's 8th of the season.

Damage to a roof near Bath, ON
Damage to a roof near Bath, ON

Environment Canada has confirmed Ontario's 8th tornado of the year. 

It happened Saturday morning around 10 a.m. near Storms Corner, east of Napanee. Damage was also reported in nearby Bath. 

It is being called a low-end Fujita scale 2 tornado. 

The damage included a trailer being tossed and rolled over 30 metres by the tornado and completely destroyed. The roof of a shed was ripped off, and dozens of trees were uprooted or snapped in half. 

In total, the damage path was around 6 km long and about 150 metres wide.

Ontario normally has 13 tornadoes each year in a season that runs from late April to early October.

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