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Ottawa issues city-wide burn ban

Staff writers
April 24, 2013 — A fire broke out in the City of Kanata on Tuesday, just hours after officials issued a city-wide burn ban.

Large fire broke out in Kanata on Tuesday
Large fire broke out in Kanata on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Ottawa Fire Services issued a city-wide burn ban to prevent the rapid spread of fire due to grass and brush fires. 

"This ban will remain in place until conditions improve and the green grass starts to show through dead tall grass," the Public Service Announcement read. 

Just hours after the ban was issued, a large grass fire broke out in Kanata. 

Emergency officials were called to the scene after a neighbour reportedly spotted someone burning grass and debris near their property.

By the time crews arrived, flames had already spread across 10 acres of land, destroying a barn in the area. Other homes and property near the fire were protected and crews were able to extinguish the flames. 

Officials say with more tree branches and leaves left on the ground this winter than in previous years, the risk of rapid fire spread has increased. 

During a fire ban, all open air fires are prohibited even for those properties that have a burn permit.

Smokers are also reminded to use care when butting out and avoid throwing lit cigarettes out vehicle windows. 

With files from the Ottawa Sun

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