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Patio season picks up in Vancouver

Staff writers
May 18, 2012 — A streak of sunny weather in Vancouver has patio goers eager for the long weekend.

Early start to Patio season in Vancouver
Early start to Patio season in Vancouver

Patio season is upon us and when the sun is shining, more people tend to hit their favourite restaurant or pub.

"The warm weather certainly gets people out and about and any glimpse of sunshine, our patio fills up immediately," says bartender Christine Schamehorn at The Wicklow Pub in Vancouver. "We don't see the sun during the winter months, so when it comes out, I mean, everyone comes out. They're on their bikes, they're running, they're roller blading, we see strollers, we see happy people."

Those eager to hit a patio in BC this weekend should take advantage of the ideal weather on Friday and Saturday.

"By Sunday, a low pressure system moving in could bring showers and cooler temperatures to the province," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

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