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Photographer creates stunning time lapse film using NASA images

Cheryl Santa Maria, staff writer
July 22, 2012 — A time-lapsed film shows what the earth looks like from aboard the International Space Station.

NASA still images where used to create the film
NASA still images where used to create the film

It's a video that you have to see to believe.

Stitched together using thousands of photos from NASA archives, photographer Knate Myers  has produced a stunning space-eye view of the earth -- complete with vibrant auroras, fluffy clouds and viscous lightning strikes.

The footage exploded onto the internet less than a week ago, garnering more than half a million views and capturing the attention of several media outlets and social networking sites.

Myers has been capturing images for nearly a decade, but says he just recently became interested in time lapse.

"I love that in just a few seconds, hours pass in a surreal and dreamlike way," he says. "It's the best method I've found to visually show what a daydream looks like."

Myers is currently working on a film that features images from the Very Large Array observatory in New Mexico but he also creates lapses using his own photographs, a process that requires 1-2 months' worth of hand-grabbed footage.

The night sky remains his subject of choice, because he says it fills him with awe.

"I like that the night sky reminds me of how small we are and how little the Earth is," he says. "Most nights we all go to sleep and miss a phenomenal show overhead. I'm glad I'm able to go out some nights and capture it."

To see more of Knate's work, visit: Knate Myers Photography

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