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Planting vegetable gardens

Staff writers
May 17, 2012 — It's the time of year when people start planting their vegetable and herb gardens. Like any type of planting though, the weather is an important factor.

Rain has left fields saturated in the Maritimes
Rain has left fields saturated in the Maritimes

The same cold front that brought severe thunderstorms to southern Quebec on Wednesday continued to move eastward into Atlantic Canada.

Places like Moncton saw up to 20 mm of rain, while Halifax picked up closer to 30 mm.

The recent wet weather over the past couple of weeks has impacted farmers across the Maritimes. Some say the saturated fields has left them two weeks behind getting their spring crop into the ground.

The weather can also impact those hoping to plant a vegetable or herb garden.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular things to plant using a container
Tomatoes are one of the most popular things to plant using a container

"You definitely want to have as much sun as you can with vegetable gardening," says Andy Boyer with MacArthur's Nursery in Moncton, New Brunswick. "But that's the beauty of container gardening, if you don't have the proper conditions, just move it to another spot."

While the pots are more flexible and easy to move, they have the tendency to dry out more quickly than if they were planted right into the ground.

"Especially if they are in a black pot because they tend to really soak up the heat from the sun, so you have to be vigilant on your watering," says Boyer. "And during the hot days of the summer you are likely going to have to water every day."

Boyer adds that the most popular things people tend to plant using containers are tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and herbs.

You can head to the Lawn and Garden section of our website for more tips on spring and summer planting.

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