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Shifting winds help free killer whales

Staff writers
January 10, 2013 — A dozen killer whales that were trapped in northern Quebec Wednesday have left the area thanks to shifting winds, which helped to move the sea ice. This amateur video shows the pod of whales that were trapped for at least two days.

According to hunters who were on the scene in Inukjuak, Quebec, the movement of ice lead to an open passageway Thursday. 

The orcas hit headlines around the world after being cornered under a vast stretch of sea ice for at least two days. 

They were apparently too close to the shore when colder weather hit, forcing them to gather around one hole in the ice in a desperate bid to get oxygen.

One woman who visited the hole says, the round gap in the ice was probably less than 10 metres in diameter.

Villagers were planning to launch a rescue operation Thursday morning, but the winds seemed to shift overnight, pushing the floating ice away from the shore and allowing the whales to return to open water.

With files from The Canadian Press

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