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Polar bear cub makes first appearance at Buffalo Zoo

Staff writers
March 30, 2013 — Polar bears can grow into quite the intimidating animal but as cubs, their adorable nature can draw large crowds, such as those being seen at the Buffalo Zoo.

Only a few months old, Luna the polar bear cub is drawing quite the fan base 

The latest addition to the Buffalo Zoo was unveiled in a limited viewing this week.

For one hour, the cub wowed spectators by playing with toys, swimming, and looking at home in her new surroundings. 

Luna is a big acquisition for the Buffalo Zoo, she raised over $100,000 dollars last month. 

The zoo is building an $18 million exhibit for the new cub and still needs to raise $3.5 million. 

Luna will be lonely for a while as she is the only polar bear at the zoo, but that will soon change. 

This spring the Buffalo Zoo is going to add another polar bear to their facilities, a male cub named Kali. 

The orphaned polar bear was found in Alaska this March.

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