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Severe weather passes through Alberta

Staff writers

August 8, 2012 — Severe thunderstorms rolled through much of central Alberta Wednesday evening. While a funnel clouds were spotted, no tornadoes were reported.

Storm clouds loom in Airdrie (courtesy: Justin Scott)
Storm clouds loom in Airdrie (courtesy: Justin Scott)

A low pressure system moved from British Columbia across the Rocky Mountains into Alberta Wednesday, bringing bouts of lightning, strong winds, downpours and large hail to some places.

Forecasters said the strong storms had the potential to produce tornadoes before dark.

A funnel cloud was spotted near Rocky Mountain House, but no twisters appear to have touched down. Rotating storms loomed over the Red Deer area as well, with some Twitter users spotting funnel cloud formations.

By the early evening, severe thunderstorm warnings were in place over most of central Alberta, including the city of Edmonton.

The warnings began to drop as the storms moved east.

"There will be a chance of rain in the foothills in Saskatchewan and Alberta on Friday," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, "but the weather should improve in time for the weekend."

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