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Another Foggy Night across the Prairies

March 9, 2010 — Thick fog continues to hover over the Prairies making for reduced visibility and slick road conditions.

From Saskatoon to Winnipeg.

You can expect to see dense fog throughout these areas again tonight.

The Weather Network's meteorologist Michelle Cassar explains why these regions have been dealing with so much fog lately.

“The ground surface is still relatively snow covered and cold, and there's a moist, mild air mass which helps the snow to evaporate and then create fog.”

A freezing drizzle warning is also in place for parts of Saskatchewan tonight. Cassar says this will also create some poor driving conditions as well.

“When the moisture makes contact with the cold surface, it's freezing, creating a glaze and making for very slick roads.”

These conditions are supposed to stick around for most of the week, so anyone travelling is being advised to take their time and be extra cautious.

Now although the fog in particular is causing problems on the roads, it isn't all bad.

The milder conditions and evaporation of the snow-pack on the ground is lessening the risk for flooding in the Prairies. The Red River in Manitoba is one area that sees severe flooding and last year was actually the worst on record for the province.

The Manitoba Water Stewardship is predicting high water once again. But they don't expect it to be as bad as 2009.

If you're in the Prairies tonight, make sure you check our Highway Conditions Report before you hit the road. You can also check it on TV at :25 and :56 minutes past each hour.

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