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Preparing your car for an Alberta winter

Kelsey McEwen, reporter
November 2, 2012 — When there's snow and ice on the ground the last thing you want to worry about is getting to where you're going safely.

We met up with Bryce Heron of Fountain Tire in Okotoks to talk about winter safety for your vehicle.

He recommends a winter tire like the Goodyear ultra ice, which will help maintain traction on tricky ice spots, a common occurrence during a harsh Alberta winter.

Another consideration is moisture. Roads can get wet during the winter months and that can stir up dirt, leading to a muddy windshield.

"You're going to want an ice scraper in your vehicle," Bryce says.

"It's four dollars for a good scraper, and you can just keep it in the trunk."

He also recommends investing in a good washer fluid.

Pink washer fluids tend to freeze up when it's cold outside, so opt for a washer fluids that is blue.

Last but not least, consider your wiper blades.

"A winter blade prevents ice from building up on the wiper blade and continues to clear up the window," Bryce says. "If you can't see where you're going, traction means nothing."

For more information on how to maintain your car, check out Weather & Your Car.

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