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Preventing dangerous slips and falls

Farah Dhalla, reporter
February 11, 2012 — Slips and falls can lead to injury and even death. Farah Dhalla takes a look at how to prevent them.

Slps and fall send many people to the emergency room every winter
Slps and fall send many people to the emergency room every winter

You never know when you could slip and fall.
It happens a lot every winter, and†no†one knows this better than Carol Steinman.

Carol†considers herself lucky to be alive after a fall. "I was just flat out here, flat on my back, and my head went back and gashed my head," she says. "Everybody said I was so lucky I didnít lie there because I donít think anybody would of seen me lying on the sidewalk."

Slips and falls are down in southern Ontario†due to the lack of snow this year...but in other parts of the country they are costly and sometimes even deadly."

According to Sarah Milne, Health Promoter at the Grey Bruce Health Unit, says that many falls can be prevented or at leas minimized.

"When we are talking about individuals, what they can do is thinking about what time they are going out," she says. "Making sure they are not rushing anywhere. Grippers you can put on your feet, make a big difference."

"People who walk with canes or walkers you can get little picks on the bottom for that as well. And I think accessing public transport Ė taxis can help minimize that too."

Shovelling your walkway is a key to staying safe
Shovelling your walkway is a key to staying safe

Homeowners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their home, but cities are responsible for clearing streets and salting after a snowstorm.

"Municipalities, during a winter storm event, have so many hours to respond to clear the snow and ice," explains Joe Tiernay from the Ontario Good Roads Association. "Thatís a way of protecting the municipalities from liability that arises from slip and falls or car accidents."

For Carol, it was a lesson learned the hard way.

"That was the first time in my life I had ever slipped and fallen on ice or anything like that," she says. "So live and learn!"

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