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Prince Charles presents the weather

Staff writers
May 10, 2012 — It wasn't exactly a normal newscast at the BBC Scotland on Thursday! Prince Charles presented the weather forecast.

Prince Charles on BBC Scotland Thursday
Prince Charles on BBC Scotland Thursday

Prince Charles may now be considering a career change. 

Earlier Thursday, the heir to the throne gave presenting the weather his best shot at the BBC Scotland in Glasgow. 

While a forecast had been written for Prince Charles, he didn't exactly stick to it. At one point, while discussing the potential for flurries, he ad-libbed "who the hell wrote this script?"

Prince Charles also, when referring to the cold temperature and brisk wind, quipped, "Thank God it isn't a bank holiday." 

The prince and his wife Camilla visited the studios to mark the 60th anniversary of BBC TV Scotland. 

Here at The Weather Network, we think Prince Charles should come and give us a Canadian weather forecast! Agree? Head to our Facebook page to like and share the petition! 

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