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Problems with the heat in Manitoba

Early taste of summer in Manitoba
Early taste of summer in Manitoba

Staff writers

March 23, 2012 — An early taste of summer-like weather in Manitoba is raising some concern for the months ahead.

Wildfire breaks out south of Winnipeg Thursday
Wildfire breaks out south of Winnipeg Thursday

It's been a record breaking week for heat across parts of central and eastern Canada. In fact, several communities have broken all-time temperature records for the month of March.

Mild air flooded into Manitoba earlier this month and some places saw a week's worth of warm temperatures.

While the blast of heat has been great for patio goers and those looking to hit the links early, it already has fire officials on high alert.

Crews have been battling flames in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn, south of Winnipeg, after a wildfire broke out on Thursday.

Officials say that the warm and dry conditions so far this spring could make wildfires more of a problem. Residents are urged to obey fire bans that are put in place.

Mosquitoes emerge early in Winnipeg
Mosquitoes emerge early in Winnipeg

Manitobans are also buzzing about the early arrival of mosquitoes around Winnipeg. Large buffalo mosquitoes have been spotted flying around homes and barns in the area.

Officials say it's still too early to predict what the season's mosquito situation will be as it will depend on the weather to come over the next month.

If the dry conditions persist however, the population may actually be down.

Taz Stuart is an entomologist with the city of Winnipeg.

He says dry conditions ultimately mean there will be fewer bodies of water present along with little run-off, both of which are essential to breeding mosquitos.

"Officially, we're looking good," Stuart says. "But I don't like making big predictions far in the future because we could get a whole bunch of rain in the spring and that could change everything."

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