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Professional alligator wrestlers in Australia

December 29, 2012 — For most people, a tough day at work doesn't involve the possible loss of fingers, or worse. But for zoo keepers at the Australian Reptile Park, every day is an adventure.

This male alligator has jaws strong enough to crush a human skull
This male alligator has jaws strong enough to crush a human skull

They're not thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies -- these zoo keepers have a job to do, raiding alligator nests and stealing all the eggs in a risky game of reptile roulette.

"There's a couple of reasons that we need to remove the eggs," says Tim Faulkner, Operations Manager of the Australian Reptile Park.

"One of the reasons is alligators are cannibals, if they hatched in here, they would be eaten by all other alligators."

The female gator packs a powerful punch while defending her nest. Daddy lurked nearby, with jaws powerful enough to crush a human skull.

Keepers were taking no chances. The pair of alligators put up a fight, but finally both were restrained, and a clutch of 15 eggs were taken away to be incubated in safety.

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