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Raising cancer awareness with UV beads

Natalie Thomas, reporter
June 13, 2012 — Holly Soulier is using handmade bracelets to help raise awareness - and funds - for cancer research.

UV beads intensify in colour when UV rays are strong
UV beads intensify in colour when UV rays are strong

Before April 2010, Holly Soulier didn't care about the sun or UV rays.

Then, her father was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, and that's when she got involved with the Relay for Life.

Holly's mom came across a website that sells beads that intensify in colour when UV rays are strong. They decided to use them as a way to help protect people, while raising funds for cancer research.

When UV rays are bright, the beads are vibrant. When the skies are shady, they turn dull -- and when no UV rays are present, the beads go clear.

Over the last two years, Holly and her mother have raised roughly $10,000 for cancer research -- but when it comes to the beads, Holly says her main focus is awareness.

"As soon as you see them turn colourful, if you don't have sunscreen on, just put some on," she advises.

"Why not protect yourself?"

You can find out more about purchasing the beads at The Pat Rack- Relay for Life Facebook Page

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