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Rare landspout hits Toulouse, France

Staff writers
April 30, 2012 — Minor damage was reported after a rare landspout whipped through Toulouse, France over the weekend.

Landspout formed near the city of Toulouse Sunday
Landspout formed near the city of Toulouse Sunday

Officials say the landspout formed near the city of Toulouse, in southwestern France on Sunday.

Only minor damage was reported including uprooted trees, collapsed walls and cars moved out of place. According to forecasters, the damage caused by the landspout would be equivalent to that of an F1 tornado.

Although it looks and acts like a tornado, a landspout usually occurs over drier areas and is generally smaller and weaker than supercellular tornadoes.

Damaging tornadoes in France are rare, but back in 2008, a tornado left a path of destruction through several small towns, including in Hautmont where three people were killed.

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