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Record snowfall in Gillam, Manitoba

Staff writers
June 11, 2012 — Manitoba's wild weather continues. The province has seen a little bit of everything over the past few days -- including a return to winter.

The snow took some people - and pets! - by surprise (file photo)
The snow took some people - and pets! - by surprise (file photo)

There's less than two weeks before the official start to summer -- but you wouldn't know it if you were in Gillam, Manitoba on Monday.

Twenty centimetres of snow fell to the ground, smashing the previous record of nine centimetres.

"Gilliam has recorded snow in June before,'' says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, "but the historical average is 3 centimetres, spread out over the entire month."

Other parts of the province are still cleaning up from golfball-sized hail, rain and strong winds that tore through Manitoba over the weekend.

Local media has reported more than 1,000 calls to Manitoba Public Insurance regarding hail damage claims following the recent storm.

But there are bright skies are ahead.

Portions of the province can expect a sunny break on Tuesday.

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