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Gates lowered at the Red River Floodway

April 23, 2010 — The gates have been lowered at Manitoba's Red River floodway now that there is no longer a threat of spring flooding.

The threat of spring flooding in Winnipeg has now passed. As a result, the Manitoba Water Stewardship lowered the gates of the Red River Floodway on Thursday.

The gates were raised back on March 28th. At that time, water levels were still rising due to melting ice and spring runoff. The 48-kilometre channel was created after a massive flood in 1950. It helped spare Winnipeg during the so-called “flood of the century” in 1997.

Forecasters were not expecting major flooding this year, but they were expecting water levels to rise near flood stage. However, there was less snow than usual in southern Manitoba over the winter months. That led to thinner ice and less runoff. The province also experienced a warm, dry spring, which allowed for an early, gradual melt.

Still, not everyone dodged a bullet this year. The Red River spilled its banks near Breezy Point and Petersfield. There were also ice jams near Selkirk and St. Norbert. No homes were flooded.

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