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Students relieve stress in a puppy room

Nathan Coleman, Reporter
December 5, 2012 — As students across the country write their exams, some are looking for a break from the stress.

Students in Halifax take a break with puppies
Students in Halifax take a break with puppies

University life can be stressful, especially during exam time.

At Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, students are putting their minds at ease by spending some time with Therapeutic dogs.

It definitely makes me feel a lot better. I have a dog at home and I miss her a lot," says Dalhousie student, Brady Beaupre. "Ive had a dog my whole life so its just something good and it makes you feel at home, more relief.

The idea to open a puppy room during exam time came from a student. Its been happening at other universities across Canada, and the turnout on Tuesday proved it to be a success at Dalhousie.

I feel as though a lot of students just really connect with the idea of taking a break from exams for at least half an hour and playing with a dog. Its a stressful time and people just want a method of release, says Environmental Science Student, Michael Kean.

The dogs were brought in by an organization called the Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

I just know from experience of visiting seniors and taking dogs into the hospital and working with them at the library that they definitely will benefit and I expect to see a lot of smiles, says Donald Le Blanc with Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

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