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Riding in the rain

Staff writers
April 18, 2012 — It's that time of year when many outdoor enthusiasts start dragging their bikes out for a ride.

Biking is a popular sport during the spring and summer
Biking is a popular sport during the spring and summer

Bike mechanic Carl Arnett in Vancouver, BC offers these tips for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Find a bike that suits your riding style:

If you're looking for an entry-level bike, you're wanting to do a little more road riding, maybe you're going to start commuting to work, go for something like a hybrid-style bike that has a little bit bigger wheel, a little bit thinner of a tire so that it's a lot more efficient on the road. The thinner the tire, the less resistance it has on the road. So, if you have a fatter, knobbier mountain bike tire, you're going to notice that you're going to be lagging a lot. It can't hold as high an air pressure. The harder the tire is, the easier it rolls, the smoother it rolls, the faster it rolls.

Riding in the rain:

If you're going to be riding in the rain, having fenders is important to avoid getting your legs wet. Basically, what you'll notice is you'll get a giant streak going up your back, and the front of your legs will get soaked if you don't have them. Any bike can be equipped with fenders.

Bike tune-up:

  • Bike tune-up is basically going over the whole bike. Making sure everything is working, without having to replace parts.
  • Making sure that your cables are properly oiled, so that when you're pulling the brakes, your brakes are actually working, not just the cables stressing up under your housing.
  • Checking your gears, making sure they're shifting properly.
  • Having working lights for your bike when riding at night.
  • Giving the bike a nice cleaning and getting it looking fresh.

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