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Rivers dry in southern Ontario

Staff writers
April 19, 2012 — A lack of snow this winter combined with a lack of rain this spring has rivers and streams across southern Ontario running much lower than they should.

Rainfall amounts as of April 18
Rainfall amounts as of April 18

Since the beginning of March, only 21 mm of rain has been recorded at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, far below the 99.1 mm that normally falls during that time frame.

As a result, waterways that are typically full of spring runoff are drying up.

In fact, water levels at Black Creek in Toronto are so low that you can actually walk across its sand and gravel bed.

"This is the same location that was hit hard in the August 19, 2005 storm when the river rose and took out the bridge," says camera operator Mark Rozitis.

Rain forecast through Friday
Rain forecast through Friday

The lack of moisture is impacting farmers across the country as many depend on Mother Nature to provide.

A system moving into the region is set to bring a bit of rain on Thursday afternoon, but it may not be the moisture some have been waiting for.

"Less than 15 mm of rain is likely for much of southern Ontario through Friday," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "So it's definitely not a complete washout for the region."

Meanwhile, heavy snow continues to pile up in northern Ontario with another 5-10 cm expected on Friday.

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