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Rock and Roll: Turning Walkmen into racecars

Staff writers
February 2, 2013 — Nathan Coleman shows us how obsolete technology can find new life -- with just the right creative flair.

Not quite according to specifications.
Not quite according to specifications.

It's been a long time since most people have seen a cassette, and CDs are fast disappearing.

That means that Walkman you had as a kid hasn't seen use for quite awhile, but thanks to the efforts of design students at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, that obsolete technology is finding new life -- as racecars.

"We were really looking at the mechanism that these old technologies have, and re-purposing it to have fun," Prof. Glen Hougan says.

Students who did turn old Walkmen into racecars were judged not only on speed, but also on design. Most were able to do the retooling in just a couple of weeks.

Aside from fun and games, the exercise also touched on the issue of what happens to old technology when people don't want it anymore.

"I think it's really important to recycle, especially old technology," student Carly Jenkins said. "A lot of it just gets tossed away and hopefully the race shows today that there's still lots of things you can do with it, whether it be for fun, or for a purpose."

And if life is a highway, these old cassette players will be riding it all night long.

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