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Russian drivers lose control in heavy snow

Staff writers
December 5, 2012 — Severe snow storms across Russia and the Ukraine have lead to record traffic jams and dangerous driving conditions.

Cars lose control on snow covered and slippery roads in Russia
Cars lose control on snow covered and slippery roads in Russia

Heavy snow, 10,000 cars and a traffic jam nearly 200 km long. 

A powerful snowstorm that hit Russia on Sunday left some drivers stranded for three days. 

Snow continued to fall across Russia and Ukraine Tuesday, crippling the morning commute in major cities like Moscow. 

According to officials, the city was one step away from complete transportation paralysis, with stop and go traffic on most busy streets.

The snow also forced an airport to close its landing strip in order for crews to clean and treat it with anti-freezing agents. 

It's a similar story in southern Ukraine, where heavy snow and strong winds cut power to over 300 towns. 

While conditions are expected to improve over the next couple of days, more snow that's forecast on Friday could complicate clean-up and recovery efforts.

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